Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun! also know as "Midnight Sun Massive", plays "Afribean Soul", Rhythm & Roll.

Music to dance, party, raise the spirit  or just get on down! Entering their third decade grooving Northern California audiences, Midnight continues to evolve, adding a horn section and working up new material as well as fine tuning past favorites.

Midnight Sun, being  musicians and citizens of the world, support the struggles of people everywhere, against oppression , exploitation and discrimination . We have a vision  of the future where love, respect, kindness, mindfulness and generosity are the order of  the day.

Peace on Earth! 

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Cutie Pie Midnight Sun
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Heaven's Door Midnight Sun - Birth of the Groove
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Love Gets Me High Midnight Sun - Birth of the Groove
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Uncomplicated Midnight Sun - Birth of the Groove
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lotsa stuff on youtube from old shows(been around a while!) under Midnight Sun Massive. Older recordings can be found on Reverbnation.